Soups are a pretty popular food to eat in Nigeria. These soups usualy include leaves, water and meat. Sounds yummy.

Some soups included are...

Afang Soup

afang soup

"The soup is made with local Afang leaves and water leaves together with dried fish, meat and snails, as well as seasonings. Although it originated from South-southern Nigeria, Afang soup is now enjoyed across state borders in Nigeria and also in the diaspora" (Emezie-Egwuonwu).


Oha Soup

oha soup

"Igbo Oha soup is considered to be one of the best representatives of food in the Igbo culture... it usually includes Oha leaves, Cocoa Yam, Meat of choice, Dry Fish, Maggi, Uziza leaves, Ogiri, Stock Fish, Salt, Pepper" (Ibenegbu).


Igbo Bitter Leaf Soup

bitterleaf soup

Despite it's name, Igbo Bitter Leaf soup is not actually bitter. It's made with "the meat of your choice, bitter leaf, cocoa-yam, salt, pepper, palm oil, stock fish, ogiri, crayfish" (Ibenegbu).